Time to Patch, Update, Review Security, and perform Spring Cleaning

HowTo Update Everything MineOS
I’d like to compile an updated HowTo Update Everything MineOS Turnkey doc. It would largely reference existing documentation.

In light of Minecraft 1.8’s scheduled release date finally being announced I figure I could create a short doc on how to do some basic maintenance items. This release date is currently set to Sept 2nd, 2014. I’d like to have any documentation release on or near that date as I figure we could take advantage of any buzz that update creates to create more interest in managing your own server through MineOS Turnkey.

Things like:
How to check the current MineOS Turnkey version a Server is currently running
How to check the version of any important subsystems/services.
Perhaps create a script that would auto generate human readable output of these values.

Next, build upon any missing or out of date info in regards to updating system and services.

An example of how to correctly create a new profile for Minecraft 1.8.

Verbiage for new and lay people on what to expect should you attempt to convert a legacy world to a new one.

Maybe, how to assess disk usage, backup, and archiving policies.
Maybe, how to assess system load, before and after?

Is there anything else that I am missing?

If anyone is willing we could collaborate on documentation even if I am largely the one writing it. I mostly care that the information is pertinent and accurate for MineOS’s target audience.