Time to import backup in MineOS

Hello, I have about 2.7GB backup I want to import. The question is, how long will this take once it is uploaded and I push the button to import? I know it will take some time, but is there a way to know when it is done without trying to start it? Thanks!

Great question;

Unfortunatley, no, there isn’t a clean way in the webui to know when it’s complete–typically the file sizes are more reasonable so there isn’t really a risk that you’d start a server still extracting.

Here’s a few tips though:

  1. check the CPU load on the dashboard. You’ll see CPU spike while importing, and it should subside noticeably after it’s done.

  2. check top–the process will likely be labelled tar -xvf /var/games/minecraft/import/[filename]. When that file process ends, you know it’s complete too.

  3. it’s also possible to do the import via mineos_console.js, but that’s more work than its worth, imo.

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Thank you for the tips!