The server has been generating logs beyond

I’m getting the error " The server has been generating logs beyond the rate-limit threshold. Log tailing has stopped and can be re-enabled by refreshing the webui." and I can’t give permissions or restart the server without rebooting my server(laptop)

  • the webui goes really slow when this happens

When your server generates too many logs, the webui stops realtime loading them.

This is a safety precaution against servers that generate too many logs–and make the webui unresponsive.

Are you refreshing the webui? Or are you just ignoring it. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you’re not needing to read realtime logs, let the error stay. The rate-limiting is to keep your webui responsive.

  2. If you do refresh, you’re turning off rate-limiting (which can be auto-re-enabled if too many are generated again). But in doing so, you should expect things to get slow, if they’re not already.

TLDR; it’s not a big deal that the webui stops giving you realtime logging data. This isn’t critical or something that even needs addressing in the long term.

However, if you are finding that that many logs are being generated that it’s constantly killing your webui, you need to go to the source: why are your servers generating hundreds of lines per second?

The current threshold is 80 lines per second, sustained for 2 seconds. Starting up a server often can hit this limit (and again, not an issue: simple refresh solution). But if it continues to break that threshold, your server is doing a lot of disk I/O probably wasting a lot of resources. So again, the answer here is not in the webui, but why are your servers generating hundreds of lines per second?

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I do refresh the WebUI, but even after that it is still just stuck, I can’t enter any commandos in the console, I can’t even turn off the server to update/change it

image this for an example happens when I try to turn off the server

Nvm, you’re correct.
Everything works fine with my vanilla minecraft, even after refreshing the webui.

But with spigot I can’t use the console at all, I can with vanilla.
I will try reinstalling spigot and see if I can fix it, sorry for bothering you, and thanks for all the help! <3

EDIT: Sadly removing and installing again didnt work.