The Server has been generating logs beyond the rate-limit


every server start since a comit some months ago added a logs/fml-server-latest.log page, has had this warning/error:

“The Server has been generating logs beyond the rate-limit threshold. Logtailing has stopped and can be re-enabled by refreshing the WebUI.”

When this error warning is displayed within milliseconds of starting any of my servers, the whole WebUI becomes sluggish and finally unresponsive.

refreshing the server does not help and i have had to resort to logging out all together and waiting a sufficient time until the server has started.

at that time i can log in, the server is started, the error/warning is not displayed and the WebUI responds as per normal.

this began many months ago and i have not brought it up before as it did not really impact my usage. however it is a pain if trying to troubleshoot a server or mod package in conflict, logging in and out all the time.

is it just me? I would like the option to remove the logs/fml-server-latest.log page as i have yet to discover a use for it. however, i use the logs/latest logs page all the time and find it essential.

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Yes and I am using less to read the serverlog. With -f (i think) it waits for changes in the file.

I’ll see what I can do about customizing the files that the webui tails, but in the meantime, you can comment out this line in the webui backend to prevent this file from appearing/showing:


thank you very much.

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