The network configuration doesnt work in the confconsole

Hi I wanted to install minos turnkey but here is a little summary of my problem step by step :

1.Install MineOS TKL
2.Reboot after removing flash drive
3.Enter root password x 2
4.Enter basic account password x 2
5.Initialise Hub Services > Skip (won’t work because of corporate network setup)
6.Security Updates > Skip (same reason)
7.Message ‘Networking not yet configured’ appears
8.Menu appears with options for DHCP or Static IP
9.Choose DHCP
It DOES pick up and display an IP address but displays the same menu as step 8 (with options to ‘Select’ or Back’). You do get this menu if you choose Static IP in step 8. If you go back and ‘Quit’ or ‘Reboot’ you get the message in step 7 when it boots, so the DHCP-obtained IP address has not been saved. Static is the same problem.

So i’m blocked in this loop and i don’t no what to do

Please help me i’ve just wanted to play minecraft!..

Is the DHCP address giving w an APIPA address (169.254.x.x)? Is the NIC registered in the interfaces conf file? (I’m not at my server right now to give the exact path.) Are you using a wired or wireless NIc?