Tekkit Lite Server cant start

I created a Server called TekkitLite. I moved with FileZilla the hole server folder in an existing folder of an other server. Now I have read that i have to start the server per .batch. (Im using FreeNAS btw) Other say that I only need the .jar to start. Now i can press Start on the Web UI but nothing happens. I have 3GB of Ram for the server.

Can someone help me with this?

What user did you use? Also, have you instead considered using the import folder and feature?

Most servers do not need to be started via a batch file (or its Linux equivalent). Usually the file just calls Java with the same -jar argument, -xmx arguments MineOS already does.

How much are you having the server use? If you’re assigning 3GB, then it won’t start, because some memory is also used by the OS, webui. Try lowering the number to see if it works. Then raise it until you find the balance between memory available to the webui and memory available to Minecraft.

  1. I made an MineOS user just for this. Also i tried to import but it doesnt start.

  2. Thanks for the information

  3. I got (Not final version of my server) 8 GB of RAM. 3 GB of RAM just for the Tekkit Lite server

My server started finaly after I retried Importing a server. Now I need to fix my Tekkit Lite so it starts again.