System crashed, has server lag now

a plugin crashed server had to reboot MineOS to get it working again. Now my servers TPS range from 19.91 to 19.98 with 2 players. My question is, I was wondering if there was a command to check system files like in windows sfc.

The command top lists the running processes. personally I install and use htop as it provides more features.

free -htlo would show how much memory is being used by the system. If you use watch ‘free -htlo’ it will update every 2 seconds

Couple this in either screen or tmux, and it provides a handy monitor.

just would like to figure out how to run fsck to repair file system. Like shut down servers or if there is a command to run on reboot like in windows.

Here are some common examples. Have you tried anything an run into any issues?

Thanks, the Server just came out of it and I forgot to check back if I have a reply, I will run the fsck asap