Symlink Is Working, GUI says…

As the title says, I’ve created a Symlink on my other drive an SSD was the original drive that had /var/games/Minecraft on to the new HDD /mnt/pathtogame

But in the GUI it still shows the disk space of the other drive, is this an issue? Or just the GUI looking at the other drive while the symlink is running?

MineOS is looking at the mnt point and displays it information. I think if you change the path in mineos.conf from var/games/minecraft to the new mnt point it will reflect the proper hard drive space. I am not certain though.

Changing the path there will also void the need for using symlink. I cannot look at my setup because my server and my main pc i use to interact with that server are both down atm.

Gotcha, to be honest have that setup and took off the symlink as it was doing the same thing! And still showing the other disk…

Maybe it’s all good and just won’t display the other one. MineOS is on a 256gb pcie and now the server is on a 1tb SSD with nothing else on it.

ok not sure then i feel like on my setup i am having it display the correct drive for the new drive but i cannot look at my server atm to see.