Support For Atlauncher Packs

Hey guys, Would it be possable for you guys to allow access/have easy support/builds for atlauncher?

I don’t recall it being possible. As far as I remember, almost everything ATLauncher required a GUI or has a non-simple interface of being able to download packs (with a rate limited API).

Neither of these would work well for integrating into MineOS because it’s GUI-less and simply relies on normal download URLs. Making MineOS a front-end to a piece of software that already is a front-end probably would complicate things to the point of unsuitability.

It’s working for me, what I did is to download and install the server my Windows machine, then copy the server folder to my Mineos and do some magic to make it work, if you need help just conact me and i’ll show you my configuration, I have a Modsauce 2 server and we are 5 on the server with no problems :wink:

I think the question was whether it was possible to get the server working without the use of an intermediary computer, e.g., get the server up and running 100% from MineOS/webui without Windows.

Alright, But it should be possable for Fully public packs, Since they supply a direct download URL