Stuck on how to add forge

hello, i’m trying to start a minecraft server with a custom modpack. i’ve been looking through the forums for 2 weeks now. and i had no luck trying to see what i should do. the problem isn’t the server loading incorrectly, its just not loading at all. i select the minecraft version 1.12.2 and for the jar file i used forge1.12.2- started the server, it went down and then i selected the forge1.12.2- file. it didn’t start. went to the drop down and saw the minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar file. it started, it made the log and when it finished booting i log onto minecraft and when i try to log onto the server. it says “this is a vanilla server” and so i thought it was the mater of fact i didn’t get the right jar file. so i downloaded the universal file and still no luck. i am extremely confused on why the vanilla server would start fine no problems at all. but the forge files just wont even boot up the server, it wont create a crash log, it wont do anything. any help would be very appreciated (im very new to hosting and i maybe have messed up in the installation steps somewhere. please pardon with me for i have no idea what im doing)

I’m also having difficulties with forge server. Did you make sure your java version is correct for 1.12.2?

yes, i have made sure the java version is the correct one, it still didn’t work

I have the same problem for 1.18 that I haven’t yet figured out. I was able to work around it by running bash from a terminal, but that doesn’t use the webui/mineos at all
also when I closed the terminal the server would close so that’s no good.

I did follow what you did here to start my forge server. What distro are you using that works well?

My go to is Ubuntu - I am running 20.04.3 LTS

something you could try in troubleshooting is to stop the mineos service, then navigate to /usr/games/minecraft
and run

node webui.js

navigate to your mineos site in your web browser and see if any errors pop up in the terminal.

I am willing to do a teamviewer link up to help you out if you’re running the desktop version of ubuntu and can install teamviewer.