Stuck booting

I get stuck at the boot screen when booting. It seems to be trying to update. I can press enter and then it goes to the interface but when I boot it up again the same thing happens. I should note that it doesn’t fit the screen properly either. Please help! Thanks. Uploading: EE8EDDD3-FB7B-4AB1-98D9-CE486F473A16.jpeg…

I think something wen’t wrong when you tried to upload the image…

Almost universally, anytime somebody runs into a boot-time issue with the Turnkey image, I recommend immediately switching over to a non-Turnkey distro and installing the webui atop that distro.

I don’t maintain Turnkey (but I do redistribute it, with the webui). The hardware supported within isn’t as broad as almost any other distro out there, so usually there are not solutions to “fix” it as much as there is a simple tradeoff: it will almost always take less time to install the webui manually (and troubleshoot/work on any difficulties there) than it is to figure out why Turnkey doesn’t boot properly.

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Well, Installing MineOS on newly released distros (Ubuntu 19.04 and Debian 10 for example) seems to need some extra steps :confused:

What extra steps are missing from the documentation?

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Like getting Java 8 running, though I think it’s still possible to get it on Ubuntu 19.04.

Though on debian you need to do an frankendebian

And Node8? Which was pretty simple when I figured it out

I’m using MineOS turnkey right now how would I keep all my data when I switch and also I prefer video tutorials.

Connect to your server with a file transfer client like Filezilla. Using your non-root credentials (e.g., mc) or root (after enabling it), you can copy the files to any other machine.

There are probably tons on Youtube. MineOS doesn’t require its own video tutorials really for anything that isn’t the web interface because MineOS is just Debian.

That means Ubuntu & Debian tutorials on youtube will already be relevant.

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How do I switch Linux distros from MineOS turnkey? I have a disc with the Linux distro as the computer I will be putting it on has a disc tray.

Oh okay I got it up. I installed MineOS with a LVM and it seems to take up almost my whole drive. So now, how would I get the LVM off? I want to switch to Lubuntu.