Struggling to start FTB Skyfactory 2.5.0


I have downloaded the FTB Skyfactory 2.5.0 profile from the WebUI, and tried to run it on my server. The main concern manifests itself in the fact that the server starts and then promptly shuts down after I start it. I’ve never done an FTB server before, and this is confusing me a lot (why are there two “runnable” jars?!). I wanted to make some sort of diagnosis as I’ve done quite a bit of reading here on the recent Skyfactory shenanigans.

Perhaps my mods are outdated… I have no real way of knowing, because my server doesn’t appear to be logging! (the logging tab in the left-hand pane on the WebUI doesn’t show a “latest.log”)

I’m on summer vacation now, so I’m ready to fix this when you are (you know who you are ;)) Any help is appreciated.

You should do a search on the forums before actually making a thread. Not being mean, but saves time and effort.

I did a search, and actually read your entire thread, but it seemed like I was facing a different issue than yours. I read your entire guide, just to let you know. I’m just trying to get the help I need. I saw that you had to enable access through FTP as root, which caused a lot of problems for me the last time I did that. I also don’t use the Cracked FTB launcher as you stated you did in your guide.

With intentions of complete civility, I ask what similarities you see between your problem and my problem. I’m still open to your help, if you’ll give it.

I wanted to install the stable version of Skyfactory (2.5.0) and not 2.5.2 because my Minecraft computer is very unstable as it is. I have a server that would be able to take some of the world-gen stress off of my computer, but I didn’t want to risk any further instability. I hope that makes sense.

Edit: clarity

OK, the only thing is that 2.5.0 had many problems and that is why 2.5.2 was brought to life, actually, 2.5.2 will take stress out instead of bring it in.
Question: Where is the turnkey installed? FreeNAS?

MineOS is installed on a bare-metal machine. I think that’s the right term… Is that right? It’s just the MineOS ISO on my computer. I have access to it, and can use the shell through the browser and the computer’s keyboard.

Bare-metal means that it has no OS. So yeah, if I understand correctly, you are saying that the computer has the MineOS as the MAIN Operating System? If so, you can still ssh into it and use SFTP. The thing is that the profiles for SkyFactory on MineOS are a little bit funky atm. The only thing I could say is follow the guide and I can help if you run into any troubles. You can easily enable the SFTP using the shell, like I showed in the guide. Do not be discouraged by the length of the guide, anybody can follow it. Cheers!

Yes, MineOS is the main operating system.

Ahh, scary guide. Here I go… Thanks for the “cheers.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It’s worth it for Skyfactory, isn’t it? :smiley: Thank you.

Go for it, it is a REALLY EASY guide, believe me, I followed it to make sure it was all good. SkyFactory is REALLY WORTH IT. Also, if you run into any problems, lmk. I am stepping out in like 1 hour.

Any good luck with 2.5.2 here?

The difference in mod packs between 2.5.0 and 2.5.2 is enough to make them 2 different games.

I have a working 2.5.0 archive if required.

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