StoneBlock server on MineOS cant get it to start

I took the zip file I downloaded and ftp-ed it to the server I own in the import server folder. When I clicked the “create server from archive” it created the server. I hit a snag. I cant get any jar files to pop up in the “java settings” panel at all it only shows “change runnable jar to” message so I can’t start the server and i know the server files have a jar in them so i need help on getting this server going so my friends and i can play it.

Where did this zip file originate from, and are you positive that there’s a jar file in the main directory and not in a sub directory such as a jar folder? Also did you refresh the webui? Send a screenshot of the main base server directory or a screenshot of the original downloaded zip.

Here is where I downloaded the file from curse.

File on my server.

Here is the server unpacked by the server.

Picture of my webui and picture of my dashboard if that helps.

Picture of the original download I have unzipped it on my PC.

I took a look, they have an “install.bat” file for Windows to download the vanilla Minecraft Server 1.12.2 jar however there’s not one for Linux (though it’s not formatted in batch so should also work fine if run via bash on Linux) but using the webui you can head over to profiles, download 1.12.2 from there, head back to the server status page, change profile to that 1.12.2 profile and copy to server files. Then, as for jarfile select the forge jar, set a maximum amount of memory, accept the eula (assuming it hasn’t already been done) and start the server.

Could you please right what I need to do in like a list I’m having trouble under standing what you want me to do after


1: Upload your downloaded zip to /var/games/minecraft/import/ (which you’ve already done)
2: Use the Web UI to Import that uploaded zip (Which you’ve also already done)
3: Go to Profiles in the WebUI and download Mojang 1.12.2
4: Head back over to the server status page and change profile to mojang 1.12.2 then click Copy profile to live server files
5: Change runnable jar to forge-1.12.2- followed by changing your -Xmx value from 256 to 4096
6: Accept the Minecraft/Mojang EULA if you haven’t already, and start your server.

Keep in mind that the first start might take awhile depending upon your hardware (for me it took about 12 minutes before it was ready, though sequential restarts afterwards should not take as long as the first). If you’ve got better hardware than I do then it’ll be much quicker for you than it was for me.

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did that already

how long does this take?

ok i lowed the ram i gave it.

that thing popped up and i clicked accept

here is a few thing that are weird to me i have the those profiles already downloaded
but I’m still getting this

Well, the other thing is that you’re logged in as root rather than mc or any other non-root user, which is likely where your problem lies, as the web ui isn’t meant to be used by the root account mainly due to security reasons but also due to the fact that you don’t need root at all for those purposes. Assuming you imported the server as root you’ll probably likely have to delete it and start over using a regular non-root account due to permissions and extra steps that’d be required otherwise. Here, I’ve also just uploaded a server archive with what I did to make it work, so you can download and upload that to the server then import it and things should just work out of the box, and should be quicker since everything else’s pretty much already generated as well.

I don’t have a non root account on the server it didn’t even promote me to make one when i made the server itself

Assuming you’re using the official MineOS turnkey distro, it does prompt you on first boot after installation to set a password for both root and mc accounts, so you should have both. If you installed MineOS on top of another distro, you’ll need to manually create another non-root user.