Starting a PE/Bedrock Server

My buddy doesn’t have java so I’m trying to setup a server for bedrock and can’t figure out how to do it. idc what software I have to use to do it but I’ve tried to get pocketmine running with no luck (i click start server nothing happens) ive tried nukkit ( i assume its outdated because my phone and pc cant connect to it) and ive tried the official server but keep getting access denied errors. im running turn key because it seemed eaier but if i have to get ubuntu and run it that way so i can get a Bedrock server running i could try.

The best way to run a PE/Bedrock server is with the official software:

This software is not compatible with MineOS, although you can (with some work) get the linux version of the official server running on a server hosting MineOS. MineOS will not be able to see the server, or interact with it.

That sucks ig I could try that when I get home but I’ve already tried it and when I got to start it gives the error “access denied” even though I’m root

It’s also possible it’s a firewall setting is there anything I should look for?(for the reason nukkit isn’t working)