Start/Stop feature on Dashboard screen

In the upcoming WebUI updates, would it be difficult to add a start/stop button to quickly bring up or down a server?
I don’t know how difficult this would be, or how much others would benefit from it either.

difficulty: 0
benefit: TBD

What do you guys think: is there a substantive gain in productivity to be able to start/stop via the dashboard page? (compare also to the inadvertent risk of accidentally start/stopping servers)

Maybe have some sort of simple settings toggle for it? Whether that’d be included in server.config per-server or elsewhere maybe? Like how you have to manually edit the web ui’s login html file if you want the password to automatically be hidden for example? I think a per-server basis may be best and easier in a sense when it comes to toggling but may be a little more difficult to add if it’s per-server.

That may work, but it would require the change each commit. It depends on how difficult for the end user to modify the code.

No, actually it doesn’t/wouldn’t. The only time you’d have to do it again is if you were to “reset” the web ui scripts and (obviously) on new installs. Regularly updating the ui however keeps any and all locally made changes to scripts.

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