SSL handshaking and general connectivity issues with VMXNET3 on ESXi

I built a virtual machine using paravirtual drivers, both for network and for drive controllers, and used the most recent TurnKey ISO build to get MineOS going (first time user)

I successfully installed everything, had my server going and was able to reach the web UI for all 3 systems (console, webmin, mineOS)

Within seconds to minutes of authenticating, I noticed several messages that my submissions (i.e. creating a new profile, attempting to manage my network settings from webmin) were not accepted, timing out, etc.

I thought maybe it was a network issue on my end since I had made a change in my ARP table and adjusted my DHCP server to assign a specific IP to the newly built VM.

I rebuilt the virtual machine using the same virtual hardware and keeping the same MAC address and ended up with the same problems. I noticed ping loss and general connectivity issues.

I had no other issues with my 3 other virtual machines (i run plex and other backend debian boxes) and had a hunch after trying to install the vmware tools (and tried on the second shot with open-vm-tools); I rebuilt the virtual machine, but this time I changed my network card from the VMXNET3 to e1000 and, so far, everything works as expected.

One thing to note is that I am using ESXi 6 so it is a fairly recent set of drivers and therefore may not be configured correctly for the TurnKey kernel.

I wrote Will on youtube and he suggested I post on here, so there we are. :slight_smile:

After having changed it from VMXNET3 to e1000, are you no longer experiencing the issue then?

Turnkey is based off a modern Debian (wheezy), but all the same the ISO hasn’t been rebuilt in quite some time, so maybe your ESXi just is a bit too recent for it. That said, Turnkey is only one of the many options for deploying MineOS–there has been huge surges in popularity for using it on other distros, e.g., BSDs and Ubuntu that are really very straightforward to use as well.

Typically it’s an easy copy/paste for the commands to get it running, but if you haven’t seen any issues on this new network device, no need to change, of course.

hexparrot, that is correct.

I wanted to give the turnkey ISO a try because I understand turnkey’s stability over other systems and it seemed like a good start for me.

Since I have moved over to the e1000 I have not had any noticeable problems.

Thank you