SSH timeout while using WAN but works on LAN

Any suggestions what the problem might be?

Probably the timeout is occurring because connection is simply not possible. Check host firewall (port 22) and port forwarding on the router to ensure that port 22 is forwarded to the IP of your server.

Remember to port forward port 22 first (or if you put a custom port there) and remember to use your public IP outside of LAN.

Yes I have tried to port 22 on the firewall but no luck, also tried disabling the firewall on my router. And I have also checked the overall portforward. :confused:

Yes I have done that.

Since it works on LAN, we know that the MineOS host’s firewall is OK, and that the service is running.

If you cannot connect via WAN, it basically could mean only one thing: port forwarding is not set up correctly.

I know you’re saying you’ve checked it multiple times, but it unquestionably is still the problem-at-hand.

See if your router supports “DMZ” (which almost all do) and set it to your MineOS’ host’s IP. This is a troubleshooting measure (not a long term solution). If you can connect via WAN, you know literally every part of the setup is workable–but that you are simply needing to correct the steps you’re using for port forwarding.

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