Sponge to MineOS

Hi HexParrot

Thank you for all your hard work!
Is there any plan to implement Sponge to MineOS?

Thanks in advance!

Tested sponge now.
It works with MineOS as is. It is just not in the profile list, so you have to download the jar manually and place it in the server folder. You then choose it as the runnable jar in the pull down menu.

Do we know if there’s a single-file download that can provide all the URLs for sponge-related server jars, e.g., RSS feed, JSON, etc.?

I can’t answer that as easily as I wish. It looks like they use Maven to publish their jars, so all jars are sorted into urls that only differ in the filenames:
This is (for example) their vanilla jar site: https://repo.spongepowered.org/maven/org/spongepowered/spongevanilla/

The thing that makes it difficult is that I do not use sponge, so I do not know which files are needed to give the sponge functionality sponge admins want. They have SpongeForge, SpongeVanilla and SpongeAPI. I cant answer if this is separate versions of minecraft servers, or server files giving separate functionality.

Since I am not inclined to tuse sponge for the time being (I only checked that the SpongeVanilla jar worked straight outta the box by dropping it in a server folder and sccessfully starting the server, thus answering that MineOS does indeed “support” Sponge, it’s just not listed in the profiles.

Except it really does have to be something reliable like RSS, JSON. HTML parsing it is something that won’t do–since it could really change on a whim and leave the webui in a bad state on parsing failures or just overall feeling sluggish/broken.

I know, which is why I answered as I did.

I think we can conclude that MineOS supports Sponge by manually placing the jar file in the server directory, but seeing it in the profile list will have to wait until we can find a reliable feed that lists available versions in a feed.

@MadMartigaN: It’s not quite the answer you wanted, at least it is an answer and a reason for the answer.

@hexparrot: What about the GitHub release site?

Still web-document though.

It’s actually pretty workable to get from github, but aren’t those downloads for non-compiled source?

Sound of Head Being Slapped.

It was justme going out on a tangent and an idea,so; Yes, it is that

I also find that adding a layer of jar-building into MineOS is way beyond the current scope (as far as I know). I also fear that allowing pull and build from latest committ of a github project would risk pulling bad commits, and thus unpredictable behaviour.


Thanks for the answers I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: