Spigot does not work for me

I just installed MineOS on a VM on my Windows Server using the ISO. I created a server and downloaded Mojang 1.16.4. It worked perfectly. I wanted to upgrade to spigot so I went over and clicked spigot. I downloaded the latest BuildTools.jar and I clicked Build Spigot on 1.16.4. After that was finished I clicked Copy to Server, chose my server profile, and I go to equip the 1.16.4 jar and profile on the server status page and all I see under profile is Mojang 1.16.4 and Spigot BuildTools-Latest. Under jars I see minecraft_server_1.16.4.jar, and BuildTools.jar. Nothing else. Spigot didn’t show up. I’ve tried updating the WebUI and restarting the VM and those haven’t solved it.