Spigot / Craftbukkit 1.10 not in list

I have refreshed the profile list to many times to count since 1.10 came out. Also I have checked for update for Webui and when that didn’t work I tried a reset on Webui. no errors on updating or resetting Webui. is me or you just have not got around to adding it yet?

There was a bug that kept 1.10 showing, but under normal circumstances no update/reset will be required to see new versions of the profiles.

What commit are you running? (See top right, click on username).

If it’s not the commit you expect (see github), then you probably just didn’t restart the webui process after resetting.

I know normally it just shows up on it’s own or I can speed it up by refreshing the profile list, I’m running git commit: 5f06a34

Update: ef3334a38f4c702846f3d59ce7dbf5e86f7b1688

so update to fix bug or edit a file?

Pretty much always, when there’s an unexpected, unwanted behavior, you want to update as your first course of action. The referenced commit fixes a bug where 1.10 was considered older than 1.8, so updating then restarting the webui should fix your issue.

guess the first update I did was before you got update ready for download. 1.10 is in list now, now I don’t have to work so hard to update the servers