Spigot and plugins

So I have MineOS as a plugin on FreeNas and I want to know how can I use Spigot because it doesn’t work and Bukkit is not working. Also I want to know if I get Spigot to start working how can I install plugins.

Thank you In advance -Kaedrider

Plugins - stop server, drop the jar file into the plugins folder. Start server. Stop server, navigate to the plugins folder and modify the config.yml for the plugin if one exists. Start server.

As far as getting Spigot installed and working, go to https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/buildtools-updates-information.42865/ or https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/buildtools/ to learn how to build the jar file with buildtools. Then in Mineos create a custom profile either through the UI or edit the profile.config file in/var/games/minecraft/profiles. Be sure to point the run_as to the name of the spigot jar file that was created. Buildtools by default will name it spigot-1.8.7.jar but you can rename the jar to just spigot.jar.

save_as =
run_as = spigot.jar
ignore =
url =
type = unmanaged

Place the spigot.jar file in your server’s directory.

I Don’t know where the directory to install the plugins is

the folder is called plugins.

It is in the minecraft/servers/WHATEVERYOUNAMEDYOURSERVER/ folder.