Some Friends can connect to my Server but some can't?!

I have a problem with my Minecraft server (This server is running Paper version git-Paper-24 (MC: 1.19) (Implementing API version 1.19-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: dd61319)

And the problem is that some friends (1) can join my server and some (3) can’t?!
The friend who can join is not in my local network.
I have not found anywhere a solution to my problem so this forum is my last hope.

I have of course released the server port on my router and also everything else that is important, maybe I have overlooked a little thing.

Thank you in advance!

TLDR: 3 friends can not join server but 1 friend can. Help pls.

I guess the normal responses is can the 3 people even see the server? If so what error do they get when they try to join?

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Hello, no the 3 can not see the server I have meanwhile something very interesting found out andzwar is the one friend of the connect can my Fritzbox known with his PC because he was already once with it at my home (LAN party) I could also in the device list of my FritzBox nachvoll ziehen.
So my theory is that my FritzBox doesn’t allow access for devices it doesn’t know but I can’t find such a setting for my FritBox 7560.
I hope someone knows what the problem is.

What error message do they get when they try to connect?

My first thougt is that it feels like a white-listing issue.
Have you set your server to “online-mode: true” and “whitelist: true”?
Have you added your users to the whitelist using the command “/whitelist add USERNAME” ingame, or the command “whitelist add USERNAME” (without the / first) in the console in MineOS (beneath the logs)?

Any user not in the whitelist will be denied access if whitelist is active.

Yes, I have already tested this and it is probably not the reason.
In the meantime I have found a completely different potential error and I have learned that my Internet provider does not assign a public IPV4 address but only one which I share with several (I can’t think of the technical name right now).
This means that I have only one public IPV6 address, but I can’t even join it myself.
I also found out that the one friend who can connect also has IPV6 but I don’t understand why he can connect to the IPV4 and the others can’t…

They most likely get the error mesagge connection timed out

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Depending on their internet providers, or available services, they may not have IPv6 available, or not have a proper IPV4 over IPV6 transport service available.

Depending on your provider you could ask to get a public ip. Pretty sure it’s called cgnat.

my solution was port forwarding from my local server to a VPS