Some basic features for management

So, I have been using MineOS/Webmin for about a week now because I accidently uninstalled windows on my server… Anyways! I’m feeling like some of really basic features, somewhat from Bukkitgui my former UI, such as managing banned IP/players, being able to OP ANYBODY/send commands/view chat/ect without having to go to the logs(?!), a way to load in server-icon.png(s), and I find this last one very odd because already there is implementation for installing bukkit/forge yet there is no easy plugin/mod management. Also the Load averages is hard to understand, and at least personally i think the space could be much more utilized by percentages of RAM/network/CPU usage type things. While I do love it and I’m going to keep using MineOS, it feels like there is a lot of ‘management’ type utilities that users who know how to install linux/other OSs would really want and need.

TL;DR (I think, never used that term before): I don’t dislike MineOS, I really love it and hope to use it for a very long while! I just feel like it has some very key features missing.

One of the main reasons why this functionality is not available in the webui is because MineOS is aimed toward all Minecraft servers, not only Bukkit, which has an enhanced (but not universal) set of features.

So for example, Bukkit has an API which BukkitGUI leverages–and so the dev of BukkitGUI can add any and all features that Bukkit itself offers. But comparable functionality does not always exist on Forge, vanilla Minecraft, Pocketmine, etc. (which MineOS handles, but not BukkitGUI).

Because MineOS is designed to handle all server types, development and webui real estate is selected based on their common functionalities. All servers have logs, for example, as well as all servers have a console one could type directly into. But not all servers have a programmatic means to list all the players on the server.

As an additional example, Vanilla Minecraft finally added functionality to get a list of online players, but this requires the “query-enable” function to be on in a property which is off-by-default and off-by-choice on the vast majority of servers.

MineOS is developed and maintained by only one person–and I don’t even play Minecraft. So for the most part, I am comfortable implementing features that I am familiar with that will be useful to the widest amount of server software, and less so focused on functions that are server-type-specific.

TLDR; There is nothing keeping from these features from being added except the amount of manpower available to code them in.