[SOLVED] You may not change the user owner of the server

I recently rsynced my servers folder over from mineos to centos running mineos node. The server starts fine but some things are odd

Server Owner: undefined (undefined)
Group Owner: empty
Space used by live server files: NaNundefined

Space used by restore points & archives also NaNundefined

trying to set the group owner gives me the error
chown failed: you may not change the user owner of the server.
I tried logging in as root to try changing it from there but root can’t see the server.

I tried running chown -R minecraft:minecraft on /var/games/minecraft but the issue remains.

This indicates to me that something is going wrong with the webui. Can you provide details from your /var/log/mineos.log?

I’ve “solved” it by copying the existing world files to a “new” server.