[SOLVED] What Setting Has Priority?

DW20 1.5.2 has ServerStart.sh script with xms and xmx settings.
MineOS has server.config with xms and xmx settings.

Which settings are the ones being used by the server?


I’d imagine that the MineOS property fields dynamically write these values for your server.

You could easy test this by setting the Xmx and Xms settings using nano, and saving the file.

Launch the server, and see how much HEAP you have (Xmx is the maximum HEAP allocated).

Then of course, modify the Xmx and Xms settings via the MineOS Web-UI and see which setting takes priority.

Obviously you’d want to use two different variables for Xms and Xmx. For Xmx say 512MB and 1GB for testing.


XMX and XMS are common enough fields to warrant their own inclusion in the web-ui, separate from the java_tweaks field, which should house any other modifications to startup. serverstart.sh is entirely ignored, since it doesn’t start up the servers in a fashion MineOS would be able to detect, e.g., not in a screen instance.

Okay. Thanks for the info.