[SOLVED] Unable to edit files inside the root user with Administrator account

I have been working on a fabric modded server for friends and everthing is goig great except I am unable to edit files (like move, add, and delete.). This is a major problem for me because I need to replace some files with a fabric server file in order to get it working. Is there ant workaround for this?

Additional Information:
Server: HP Prolient dl360 G7
Os: Debian running without a user interface as the server is controlled through PuTTY and WinSCP so using the server to add/edit files by a user interface.

The error I am being given is that when I try to move a file through WinSCP it gives me the error that I do not have the correct permission and my access is denied. So if anyone knows how I can either promote my user to the root user or how I can login to my server as root through WinSCP please comment below.

Thanks- N.A.P.S.

Solution: I had to add my user to the “root” group instead of the “sudo” group
sudo adduser administrator root

#administrator is the user you want to add the the root group
#root is the root group that has access to all server info/files
this command will work to move any user to any group in debian as long as you change “administrator” to the user you want to move and “root” to the group you want to move the user too.

What does the ownership show for the files? Has the user been added to sudo, is sudo even installed?

In WinSCP, you can verify directory ownership. Is the ownership of the given directory the same user you are logging in as?

When in doubt, you can always simply SFTP the files to your /home/[myuser] directory, which you 100% would have write access to. Then, from the terminal session, cp and mv the files as necessary (either as root or with sudo).

Firstly, I can see that the files are owned by the root user. I am not on the root account because I can’t access the root account from WinSCP. I am only able to access the files through WinSCP when using my administrator account which is able to access the root account by entering “su” in putty and entering my root password again, but I do not know how to access the root account through WinSCP.

Secondly, I am unable to copy/move/delete files through SFTP in WinSCP or FileZilla.

The ownership us listed as the root account. I’m pretty sure sudo is installed because during installation I had to access the sudo account by entering “su” then re-entering my password. How should I check if sudo is installed or how do I sudo an account because all the information about how to sudo and account hasn’t been working for me.