[SOLVED] Two different boxes bare metal how do I get to the Hiawatha page on each?

So having installed Mineos on two different boxes I can have both running on different ports which I have done and I can access both boxes once I turn the router to the right box for the start page. However I do not want to have to keep going to the router to switch the port to see the webui of each is there a way to set this up or am I stuck?

Are you asking is there a way to change the port of the webui? Because if so, it can be done easily for either of your configurations by changing the value in the file /etc/mineos.conf. It’ll say 8080, change it to whatever (8081, etc) and also update your server’s firewall by punching through the new port in iptables.

That said, most routers have port forwarding features that could make it even easier. Take for example the following scenario of bare metal boxes A and B, which require no configuration of MineOS/Linux/firewalls at all:

  • box A hosting 25565
  • box A hosting 25566
  • box A webui on 8080.
  • box B hosting 25565
  • box B hosting 25566
  • box B webui on 8080

And then as far as your router:

  1. router forwards 25565 to box A, port 25565
  2. router forwards 25566 to box A, port 25566
  3. router forwards 8080 to box A, port 8080
  4. router forwards 25567 to box B, port 25565
  5. router forwards 25568 to box B, port 25566
  6. router forwards 8081 to box B, port 8080

You’ll see that your router can map made up ports (any ports you like) and send them to the correct destination each time. The problem you’re describing would occur on two bare metal boxes with any servers, really. In this case, however, you only have to work with the router, which should simplify the overhead considerably.

last note

You said hiawatha, though I assume that just means you’ve using MineOS in the past when Hiawatha was still used–for quite some time now MineOS has been working on port 8080 using Cherrypy, rather than 80 (Hiawatha), but the principle is the same; even if you are actually using Hiawatha, you’d be able to circumvent any and all reconfiguration via port forwarding solutions.

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I can’t tell you how foolish I feel here. Thank you so much, fixed it all right there.