[SOLVED] Servers Don't Display!

Hi, and let me welcome myself to these forums! I’ve been using MineOS for about 4 months now, and have never ran into a single fault… until now.

The Problem
So, recently I tried to rename my servers, by going to /var/games/minecraft/servers/ renamed it there, and also in the achieve and backup folders.

The Issue
After renaming the server, I logged into MineOS to see if I had achieved success, but to my surprise, none of my servers were appearing! I went into rage mode!

What I’ve Tried
I have tried reseting the MineOS scripts, reseting my linux password, but no success. I don’t know what to do now! Please help me!

Yes, I make my posts pretty.

I solved it here. Check it.

Thank you so much! When I was looking through previous threads, I couldn’t find it @mamoki.

@Dylan3304 because my thread was younger as your… :slight_smile: