[SOLVED] Server icon help (icon wont appear)

So I went back to an old forum about server icons and read how you name your photo “server-icon.png” and how you place it anywhere in /var/games/minecraft/servers/server-name
I’ve done all of that but when I restart my server, refresh the Minecraft server list, and in FileZilla take it out, refresh it, then put it back in. Nothing seems to work and it just continues to show the default icon. Does anyone have solutions?

Just tested on my server.
This still works, but there are spesifications to the file:

It must be 64 pixels x 64 pixels.
It must be saved as a png
It must be named “server-icon.png”

So it is not enough to rename any image file to “server-icon.png”, it must be saved as a png, and be of the correct size

Thanks for the help, the file is saved as a png and just not named it, i double checked the size and it is 64x64. whats weird that the mineos Web interface shows the icon just not the minecraft game. if there no more solutions lmk and you can delete this forum i guess

The minecraft server needs to be restarted for the file to take effect. Same thing happened with me, MineOS saw an used the file at once, minecraft server needed a restart

Alright, ill try that, whats the best way to restart the server?

I just use the stop and start buttons in MineOS