(solved) Save-all occurring too often

So I had an issue where having the save-all command being ran every 60 minutes wouldn’t actually work and we lost a whole day of work.

So after setting it to 1 minute and seeing that it was saving to disk, I put it at 30 minutes but it still saves in 1 minute intervals and I see it double save after 30 minutes. I’ve reset the mc server twice and it still does it. I have yet to do a system reset as people are getting back there progress that was lost.

Any idea why it would still save at 1 minute intervals when it’s clearly set to 30 both in the WebGUI and the server.config file.

When I’m able to reset the system, I’ll follow an update if that cleared its habit of saving every minute.

Edit: Yes, a system reset cleared that issue. It no longers pushes the save-all command every minute.
However, the issue still remains on why it wasn’t saving to disk. Looking at the log, it stopped saving around 3am on the 26th and the size of the backups were kilobytes difference from the one saved on the 27th. There is from what I found nothing that stopped it from sending that command.