[SOLVED] Running Hexxit on node.js Web UI

Just because life is not exciting enough, I decided to run a Hexxit server. My system is Ubuntu 14.04 fully updated and running in a VM. I am running MineOS 036abe2 and Hexxit server 1.0.10 (the latest from technicpack.net). I went to make a custom profile and found that option no longer exists, however I am wondering if I should be using one of the Forge profiles? The Hexxit server is using Minecraft 1.5.2 as it’s base.

Additionally, the server log is server.log instead of latest.log and there is no logs directory under the server. Is that something I need to fix, and if so, how? The result is that it is using the old scroll format instead of the new scroll box format which I would prefer.

Are there any plans to add any of the Technic mods (hexxit, tekkit, etc) to the profiles section?


[EDIT} Also, I am getting spammed with a lot of
[INFO]/ lost connection
messages. Is this the MineOS Web UI trying to connect / get status updates?

If you can’t view the logs through the web UI under the logs section then something does need to be fixed. I think the structure that you’re seeing is due to Minecraft 1.5.2.

Profiles don’t function like they used to on the node version.js. You can no longer create profiles with custom URLs to download packs. For the type of thing you’re doing simply run the server without a profile. Create a server and then over SFTP drop the the files from the pack into the server folder. Then select the runnable jar in the web UI under after clicking on the server that you just created. is a loopback IP address or local IP address. Which means something’s losing connection to the server on your network. MineOS does not inject anything into the server logs. MineOS has its own log called MineOS.log. Can you connect to the server through the client?

Post your server.properties.

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Depends. Is there a single URL that provides official URLs to download modpacks like Hexxit and the like? Currently, every profile group has one single file (json, xml, etc) that provides the asset URLs to be easily parsed and listed on the webui; if you can help me find one, I’d happily add it to the webui.

The new style console was a great contribution from another user, but it seems to just have not been applied to all consoles. Fixed in the latest commit.

Thanks guys!

Zone, I have already done as you suggested, server runs and I can connect from the client without problem. I can view the log through the interface, it is simply using the old log display format. server.properties can be viewed here: http://pastebin.ca/3270567.

hexparrot, there was a post put up on another mineos forum back on 19 Jul 2014 by GenPage (possibly representing Technic, is the author of the tool) https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/mineos/vflO3BYRAeY/l-DJJnrYHosJ. It is the last post and points to a project that facilitates downloading the various Technic mods, the example they give is for Tekkit.

Skipping directly to the project page @ https://pypi.python.org/pypi/TechnicServerCore, the description provided is:
Custom wrapper that downloads and updates Technic modpacks specifically for servers.

Hopefully that helps.

As for the console logs, thanks! I will give it a whirl.

Hrm, it’s really not all that appealing to rewrite a custom wrapper from Python to Nodejs… It’s a shame that, unlike Vanilla, FTB, Forge, Pocketmine, Spigot… Technic requires an API implementation, rather than just provide URLs that one could use.

I’m not against the implementation of such an API into MineOS for convenient downloads, but I think it’s largely unlikely that I’ll be the author of that functionality.

Yeah, I get that. Thanks for taking a look, though, much appreciated. Once again, someone has to be different. Their site isn’t exactly a joy to dig through, either. If you don’t know where you are going and how to get there it can take some time to figure out. And it looks like each server is stored in it’s own subfolder with no way to browse the directory structure to get the exact filename. Ah, well.

Otherwise, things are running ok. I have yet to test the new update for the log. I will post what I find then.

[EDIT] I have updated to the latest commit, 7834132, and I can see that it is now using the new style log display. Thanks!