[SOLVED] Realm import failure

Hey guys, I just reset the Web UI which fixed my other problem I posted about earlier. However, I am converting from a Minecraft Realm to MineOS server (no offense to Realms but MineOS is way better) and I can’t import the realm files. I used FileZilla to transfer the world folder to the imports folder, but I can’t seem to get it working. First off, it thinks the world size is 4KB, and it’s much more. Second, when I click import, the server status page shows up, but it doesn’t show the server, it just shows the one I created for testing that I didn’t import from anywhere else. The other server starts just fine.
Thanks in advance

The solution:

  1. Reset the Web UI
  2. Restart your server PC/Laptop
  3. Go back on to your favorite SFTP (mine is FileZilla, just Google it)
  4. Download the world from your realm (Close realm, then go to world backups->download latest)
  5. Zip your world file using your favorite zip program (mine is 7-Zip, just Google it)
  6. Use FileZilla to transfer it to the Import folder in /var/games/minecraft/import
  7. Go to the Import Server tab on the Web UI and click Create Server From Archive
  8. Go back to FileZilla and go into the Servers folder
  9. Go into the server that you imported
  10. Rename the realm world folder to “world” from
  11. Go back to the Web UI
  12. Select default Mojang Minecraft Profile
  13. Select the minecraft_server.jar
  14. Read and accept the EULA
  15. Start the server
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