[SOLVED] Profiles Missing

So I went to make a new profile today in MineOS today to change on one of my servers to a spigot server. Unfortunately when I got to the Manage Profiles page and all my profiles seem to have gone missing. Now all my servers and everything work just fine, so I believe everything is still there and working, I just can’t seem to load it. I was able to create a new Profile, but it didn’t show up either.

I got a bit familiar w/ Debian before MineOS, and a server friend of mine started helping me out. On our latest move he encouraged using MineOS. Unfortunately I feel very lost with this and am not really competent enough to investigate anything without a rough guide/direction. (We have MineOS installed over Deb7wheezy) Really would love help with this, was not having any luck searching here. :frowning:

SOLUTION It seems that we just had too many profiles for the WEBUI to display? I deleted some profiles, WebUI worked perfectly fine after. Not sure if I can just keep creating profiles and they still work w/o the WebUI recognizing them, will worry about that later.

There was a issue in the webui that was fixed September 9 where all profiles disappeared in the event one profile was missing the URL field.

Since some profiles really may not need URLs, the code was corrected so that the missing field did not break everything. If you haven’t done a manual update of your scripts, this was likely the cause. Take note, ISOs do not get respun on every code update, so upon each or any install, be sure to make updating your scripts one of your first actions.

That aside, there is no limit to the amount of profiles you can have set up–you’re encouraged to have as many as is useful–it won’t impede MineOS’ operation.

Awesome, after I did these actions, I don’t need to reboot anything for it to work, do I?

Nope, no restart neccessary. The webui daemon will restart itself upon update and you’re set.

Spectacular, thank you so much for your time and help!