[Solved] Profiles are not available check internet connection

I have restarted both the webui and the computer.
Reset the webui and reinstalled the webui.
I’m on update 97017f7
Here is my log: Google Drive

It does not seem that you restarted the webui since the update:

Resetting directory to official contents...HEAD is now at f0c41d1 update broken nukkit URIs

The actual commit containing the fix you’re looking for is present, but the old webui is still running, so right now is when you’d need a restart.

When you’re using the latest commit, it’ll say so both in the logs and in the webui.

{"level":"info","message":"Starting up server, using commit: 97017f7 put all server fireworm in try/catch\n","timestamp":"2019-11-07T06:26:36.869Z"}

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Yupp, that wound up fixing it. I guess I forgot to stop the service when I updated it or reinstalled it. But everything is working again.

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