[SOLVED] Problem with HTTPS

How do I make my browser does not display a security error when I want to enter or my host?

What web browser are you using, Firefox, Chrome, IE, something else?

What OS are you working from?


I’m using Google Chrome and MineOS Turnkey.

You need to pay for and install a third-party signed SSL certificate in order to avoid the security error. The security error is because it is a self-signed cert.

In your browser, you’re receiving a warning that the site you’re visiting is SECURE, but since is not signed by a third party verification institution like Verisign. This does not come with any danger because it is your own site, own your own server, but I admit it smells a bit.

For more details, check out Signed vs Self-Signed. Here’s an excerpt which I think does a much better job describing it:

Since they provide the same protection, you can use a self-signed cerificate anywhere you would use a signed certificate. But some places work better than others.

Self-signed certificates are great for testing servers. If you’re creating a website that you need to test over an https connection, you don’t have to pay for a signed certificate for that testing site. You just need to tell your testers that their browser may pop warning messages.

You can also use self-signed certificates for situations that require privacy, but people might not be as concerned about. For example:

Username and password forms
Collecting personal (non-financial) information
On forms where the only users are people who know and trust you

What it comes down to is trust. When you use a self-signed certificate, you are saying to your customers “trust me - I am who I say I am.” When you use a certificate signed by a CA, you are saying, “Trust me - Verisign agrees I am who I say I am.

There are places that give these certificates out for free (typically there are strings attached). But for the most part, you can purchase a signed-SSL certificate for maybe $10/year. This is what would give the proper green/‘lock’ icon signifying a secure connection and that you’re a verifiable company.

In the end, it is no more secure–at all–but it is more reassuring because you (and any other users who may log into your webui) don’t see warnings.

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Yes I am aware that MineOS is secure.
I just wanted to know if it was possible to avoid this error easily and without paying.
But really it does not matter.
Thank you for your explanation anyway ^_ ^