[SOLVED] PocketMine (mineos-node) unable connect on ios or android


Having trouble connecting clients to the mineos-node server.

Installed PocketMine with mineos-node on Ubuntu, and server starts without errors in log. I’m able to see the server from a pc running minecraft client, but unable to from ios or android devices.

I have opened all ports on the server following the iptables instructions on the forum.

I’m able to ssh from android device to ubuntu server on port 22, so the android device can connect to the server using the same IP setup in the minecraft pe client. The port setup is on the server is 25565

I’m running minecraft pe V0.13.1 alpha from playstore, and on server PocketMine-MP version 1.4.1-980.

Any ideias ?


Easy answer:
Pocketmine 1.4.1-980 is to old, and no longer supported as server for ios and android.

Getting Pocketmine up and running for latest versions of iOS and Andorid MCPE you need a newer version of Pocketmine PHP, and of the pocketmine phar.

The pocketmine website is down, and has been since mid december. Rumours have it that it has been abandoned. Luckily ImagicalMine has followed up, so you can get updated phar files from them:


You still need the php-librarything though.

Right on @iMelsom !

Works like a charm with the update php file, greatly appreciate your help.


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Updated information can be found in discussion below:

Update a MC Pocket Edtiion (AKA pocketmine) server after latest Mojang updatemt