[SOLVED] - Ping Version not consistent with profile

hi all. the is my first post and i must say that i love MineOS and it has been a great way to build and manage minecraft servers for me and my family.

my question is…i built a server on 1.10.2 within a dedicated MineOS machine. now that 1.11 is out, my girls would like to have it updated to said new version. i downloaded the profile and selected it in the “change profile to” dropdown under the “Server Status” page. when i click start, it fires right up and notes that the profile is 1.11. the problem is that the ping version still shows 1.10.2. i am assuming that i missed a step in properly “upgrading” the version of minecraft that was running on this server.

any assistance would be appreciated.

Within your sidebar on the WebUI is where you download your Jar(s). I assume you’ve downloaded vanilla 1.12 - now goto the server page, (Where you start the server,) and just under the start button is where you change the jar. Also, on the right hand-side about the JavaArgs is another drop down box, select it there too. Now, finally, under the first drop-down box is a button which says “Copy profile to live server.” (Or something alomg those lines,) click it. Now start your server. This should work.

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Under ‘runnable jar’ (Java settings on the right)–this would be unchanged even with the profile changed. You can then change to minecraft_server.1.11.jar and when you start it up, it’ll definitely boot 1.11.


sigh…i’m a moron. thanks!

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