(SOLVED) Only works on one of my NICs

The Ethernet port that came attached to my computer’s motherboard was periodically losing its connection with my router so in an attempt to resolve the problem I ended up ordering and installing a redundant networking card. The card seems to be working just fine, the indicator light is a solid green, I can connect and use the internet with other applications with no issues I can connect when I open it over LAN, but for some reason external connections to the server only work on my first port. I should have everything configured right, I disabled my firewall and it still doesn’t work, but if I just move the Ethernet cable to the other port it works just fine. Does anyone have any ideas about what I could look into?

EDIT: Almost immediately after I made this post I realized I forgot to reconfigure the port forwarding on my router to use the IP address from the new card. Problem solved. I feel kinda dumb.