[SOLVED] No Available Server Jars/Packs

The mineos server was working fine before I stopped it and turned it back on as I did not need it running for a few weeks. The problem is that now when i try to get profiles up i get the error
No Profiles Are Available; Check Internet Connectivity And Refresh The Profile List.

I can ping the server and I can remote connect to the server. The server can ping local and remote computers fine.
I have profiles in the directory

I have tried refreshing the profiles and the servers, to no avail. I hope someone can help

Try updating the webui. A recent break in a URI for some profiles botched profiles entirely.

The update allows the webui to continue operating even if the URIs break now in and the future.

Thank you for that, I updated the webui from the wiki instructions and had to restart the server, but it has found all the profiles now. Thank you for the help