[SOLVED] MineOS Web-UI missing profiles

After a reboot I was trying to add a new server with a new profile, but the profiles list is empty except for:

  • imagicalmine Third-party Pocketmine build
  • BuildTools-latest Latest BuildTools.jar for building Spigot/Craftbukkit
  • paperspigot-1072 Paperclip build 1072 (mc version: 1.11.2)
  • paperspigot-443 Paperclip build 443 (mc version: 1.8.8)
  • paperspigot-773 Paperclip build 773 (mc version: 1.9.4)
  • paperspigot-916 Paperclip build 916 (mc version: 1.10.2)
  • paperspigot-latest Latest paperclip release

I’ve followed all the steps to resolve from the previous posts regarding this issue, but they didn’t work. Any suggestions for what to try next?

EDIT: Troubleshooting a little further I had configured my server to use a static IP, but forgot to set the default gateway. Set the default gateway, ran the new update_webui.sh, and everything worked.

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