[SOLVED] MineOS node not showing current version installed

I am running MineOS node on Ubuntu 14.04, and while it seems that I am running the latest version (logs now scroll in a sub-window instead of scrolling the entire page), I am unable to see the version number in the Minecraft menu.

I was running MineOS python, completely uninstalled it using the installation instructions in reverse order to (hopefully) remove all traces of the old installation, then installed the node version following the provided instructions. Everything seems to be running ok except that I have no version information in the Minecraft menu, and my Vanilla profiles are missing from the profiles section.

Any ideas on what I can do about the missing version info? And how do I get my Vanilla profiles back as an install option? Are they gone for good in favor of the Mojang officials? Are they the actual Vanilla without the Vanilla name?

Thanks for your help!

Looks like I was running v0.10 of nodejs, following the instructions in another post, I removed the old nodejs and followed the updated install instructions to install nodejs v4, now I am getting the correct info under the menu.

I also ended up removing the webui and reinstalling it from git in order to be able to log in. I don’t know if the login problems were because of the old version of nodejs, or because my server ran out of space with a bad archive schedule. Either way, it is now working.

Whew! I like when everything is working the way it is supposed to.

I apologize that this had gone unanswered for so long! But thank you very much for following up with your solution.

By coincidence, I actually finally identified what was going on with this git commit being empty and was able to fix it just today. I’m glad too that you got yourself up and ready with nodev4, because that should hopefully make it easier going forward with node dependencies–there are many users that will still have deployed 0.10.x-0.12.x and it’ll be hard getting them to the stable 4.0 which all git updates from this point forward will require.

At any rate, I’m very pleased to see you have your server up and running. I hope that if you have any other posts in the future, it doesn’t fall through the cracks and I can get to it more quickly!

No problem, I was figuring you were busy. Hopefully if anybody else stumbles across this thread it will help them. The other post was pretty clear about removal and the updated info was accurate. Maybe a note on the install pages about removing the old version before installing the new version (with the list of old node stuff to remove) might help. It is where I go when I am looking to see if anything has changed with the install.