[SOLVED] Latest Minecraft Snapshots

The latest snapshots (after 18w16a) don’t work on mineos. I can’t find any topics that cover this issue, at all. Is there some dependency update that is required to make them work?

I have also experienced this problem, the issue seems to stem from Mojang changing the directory where minecraft jars are stored (i think?) if you manually transfer the jar file to the server it will start. the one it downloads is always 1byte

This seems to be the case. Just looking up the snapshots now, I see a URL like this:


Unless there’s a methodical way to get that sha1 hash 52e141870c3c850811710f2ba07eb3e7e583ea92 portion, it might end up meaning snapshots will not be able to be downloaded through the webui.

I see all the versions are listed on https://mcversions.net/, but scraping is not an option. If they have an RSS/XML feed, however, definitely doable.

edit: i found a lead. ugh, down this rabbit hole, again!

I have created a new commit that fixes the SNAPSHOTS issue. Please follow the instructions here to test. Once you confirm things work as expected for you, it can be merged into the main branch:


error: pathspec ‘snapshots’ did not match any file(s) known to git.


git branch -a

  • master
    remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

git show-ref

8337217c4549e0f68074aaed90d6692a828208a3 refs/heads/master
8337217c4549e0f68074aaed90d6692a828208a3 refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
8337217c4549e0f68074aaed90d6692a828208a3 refs/remotes/origin/master
8337217c4549e0f68074aaed90d6692a828208a3 refs/tags/v1.2.0


I did some digging around, and, I think I fixed this, and, was able to switch to snapshots, now, to test.

The only problem is, I’m not sure how to test. I cant figure out how to run the new gui.


OK, I finally restarted the whole server, (if someone could enlighten me how to do it without doing that, in the future, I’d appreciate it…) and, it works!

Depending on how you installed it, most times it’s:

supervisorctl restart mineos

Each different linux distro uses their own, it could also be systemctl, etc.

This is now committed to the master branch.

git checkout master
git pull

or any of the update scripts will put you right back where you were (with the snapshots working still!)

Thank you, and great job with getting it fixed, so quickly.