[SOLVED] Crash when creating a new server - FreeNAS jail

Up until a few days ago I had a nice stable MineOS server running in a jail on FreeNAS 9.10, in a jail but not the plugin. 1 world, no mods, very simple stuff. I’ve been using the guide written here (https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/how-to-install-mineos-node-in-a-jail-alternative-to-using-the-mineos-plugin.44686/)

Couple of days ago, couldn’t log in to the server, and I couldn’t raise the WebUI for MineOS either. My server data was backed up elsewhere, so I decided to blow up the jail and start from scratch rather then troubleshoot. I’ve started 3 jails from scratch, followed the guides to the letter, and I encounter this same problem each time. When I fill out the information to create a new Minecraft server, the Dashboard will load for a few seconds and then time out. The server logs show it is crashing at this point.

The git commit reports as 4bb4eb3


This error tells me the issue was trying to find the linprocfs filesystem. In Linux, it’s /proc and in BSD (or at least, jailed) it’s /usr/compat/linux/proc. The latter is what it expects to find, but it is unfortunately not finding it. At least where your jails are at now, it seems like the linprocfs steps need to be rechecked or re-done.

Can you verify from within your jail (where MineOS lives) that /usr/compat/linux/proc/uptime exists?

Yep that was it! After googling around some more about that step, I think it was a simple case of not paying attention to a case-sensitive file path when I mount linprocfs from the FreeNAS system. For anyone else doing this in a FreeBSD jail, you do the linprocfs step from the host system, not from within jail.

Thanks for taking a look hexparrot!

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