[SOLVED] Couple of Questions for MC

A few things id like to ask here. Please bear with me. its very late and im very tired.

How do i set the timezone for the server? daylight savings is annoying me.

I lost my root password, is there anyway to reset it with mineos? ive tried editing the grub boot menu but i doubt im doing it right.

amu suggestions on how to monitor the temperature over a period of time on the server? The server keeps lagging behidn and im trying to figure out what it is.

4: is there a way to setup an automatic system restart at an interval? i find that the system itself seems to be leaking memmory that is not returned after a restart of the MC server instance.
I acutally want this since i sleep in same room as the server and would like it to somehow shut down at a set time each not. and start up each morning automatically. Easier said than done i suppose.

5: SSD support
I ran an ssd for some time, using the vstrim script to run every 10 minutes on the server side
however this would still cause the SSD to be filled and crash the server, its as if the scripts werent running. i tried to set them up several ways. both via prompt and via the turnkey admin panel.
the ssd is set to only be on the acutal server folder, and not backups or anything of the like.

How do you properly set up an ssd to function without having it fill up (and yes its filling up because if a do a manual fstrim on the folder, everything is A-OK! and server will run and save as normal without crashing and cuaseing corruptions and looseing data.

what in your opinion is the best way to make use of an SSD for mineos? Mostly we are attempting to get rid of the lag!

  1. as root run: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

  2. not sure if this will work but try this http://www.debianadmin.com/how-to-reset-debian-root-password.html

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  1. You might get away doing sudo passwd root

I don’t know why that shows a 1 it’s definite for 2 and I wrote a 2.

I might just go ahead and backup everything and do a reinstall since i want to play around with drives anyway

1.Password was reset by using a livecd and loading into chroot to change password after mounting the drive
2.dpkg-reconfigure tzdata worked great thankyou tigerbarr
3.installed lvm-sensors - and check it manually every now and then.
4. not yet solved
5. SSD setup fixed via links in this thread