[Solved] Can't run Forge Server

Hello. I have just set up a server using MineOS and everything is running smoothly for the most part.
However. I am trying to use the 1-click server installation for the latest version of Forge. However, after running the installer and accepting the EULA. I change the Java Args to the jar file for forge, however after starting the server, Vanilla Minecraft is still there. I have tried multiple times but no to avail.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask and i will answer as best I can.


Isn’t vanilla still supposed to be there? IIRC Forge depends on the vanilla minecraft jar to be present in order for Forge to actually start up a server.

Yes, as you can see in the first photo, vanilla is still present in the folder, (winrar file), i suppose the problem is I select forge and it still goes vanilla

If i started the server like what the pictures show, it would start a vanilla server.

i think my previous reply may not have provided a solution.

please note this: https://files.minecraftforge.net/

note the installers and what they do: installer is for server side, windows is for client side, the universal one works for both server and client.

from the photo above i note you selected the universal.jar and installed it on your server by selecting it in the drop down menu.

this file is to be used only once to install the required files to your server.

you are then required to select the forge file to make the server start, not the installer.

please look for the installed forge jar and select it in the drop down box and not the installer, then attempt to start the server.

please also report back here any errors encountered for further diagnosis.

good luck!


Hello. Thank you for the comments and replies. I have figured out what exactly was happening with the server.

I was not aware that you could join a forge server with vanilla minecraft if it didnt have any mods installed, leading me to believe that I hadnt actually properly installed forge, when it was.

Thanks guys

Actually, installer (the jar version) is exactly the same as the “Windows” exe version meaning it does both servers and clients. The “universal” one is intended for manual installation, for example using 7-Zip or Archive Manager to manually “patch” or modify a jar file’s contents, which was originally how Minecraft was modded back in the day before “mods” folders and the automatic installers which patch and configure for you.