[SOLVED] Cant create new thread and other errors

Hello everyone. I’m trying to get mineOS to work on ubuntu LTS but i’m having a few issues.
I can run the server just fine seperatly, with xmx being 3.5G on a 4G server.

when I try to run it through mineos however,
I first encountered a memory error (cant create thread).
I discovered my system allows me to have more then enough threads.
And clearly I have memory enough.

so what could be the cause of this problem?

  1. Are you running the server manually as root (i.e., not the user you’re logged in to the webui with)?

A very common problem is when people run servers as the superuser (root), but then try to control that server with a non-superuser (e.g., mc), they get errors that don’t well describe the issue that mc simply cannot write/overwrite/modify the necessary world files and locks that are root:root owned.

  1. Is it a memory error or thread error…can you provide the error here for review?

It turns out this host just cant handle all of it, in terms of specs. which is likely the cause of both of my posts heres. Thanks for your help anyways.
I dont know if I can mark this and my other topic closed or anything