[SOLVED] Cannot connect to WebUI

Hello there,
I have freshly installed MineOS on my server but I can’t connect to the webUI.
I didn’t forgot the https:// and the :8443.
My Browser says that the connection is refused.
Does anybody know what i could do?

If the IP address does not start with 192 then Make sure In your settings for the MineOS virtual machine that your network adapter is set to “Bridged Adapter”

In Vbox With your machines powered down, right click your Virtual Machine | Settings | Network | Adapter tab. Select Attached to: “Bridged Adapter” and [ OK ]

Restart your machine. When you get to the MineOS appliance service check to see the ip address for the MineOS Web-UI.
For example mine is

My IP address does start with 192,
but after rebooting the server it worked.

Thanks a lot