[SOLVED] Can I use the MineOS web server for other things?

I have installed MineOS on arch by following the step-by-step instructions at:


Pardon my inexperience, but what web server is running here? Apache?

I started thinking, now that I have a web server running 24/7, I have other web pages/sites I might like to host on it. How easy is this to do? Is there a configuration guide someone can point me to?

Hi Johnny,

I’m certain you could setup separate websites on your MineOS server… but why would you want to? You’d have to modify so many individual items (well beyond what I’m prepared to look into) to do this. It would be much easier to setup a Web-server for this purpose.

Is your MineOS server running as a VM or as a client software on archlinux?

If it’s running as a VM I would simply light up another VM and then do all of your dedicated web hosting from that machine. This way you can reuse the ports (8080) for example for any websites that you want. Obviously you’ll still need to do all of the configuration for the web-server (which runs the separate websites).

But I’d much rather they run in their own environment this way if you have to restart your MineOS environment, you aren’t taking down your websites, or vice versa.

Here you’ll find a step by step on setting up and configuring Arch Linux and Apache web-server. Apache HTTP Server

Good luck

It runs CherryPy. Not much would need to be changed, I don’t think. Google cherrypy and see what’s what.

Thanks! Both good answers. How do I mark as “solved”?

I know that you solved this but want to give my input. I used MineOS as the base OS due to how light it is and then installed the extras that I needed. I have Teamspeak 3, and Bittorrent Sync running on it. You can run any Debian program (if you need a tutorial use Debian Wheezy) although it can be harder since everything has to be via the command line.