[SOLVED] Bungeecord:Databases not working

I started using MineOS 4 mounths ago and i had no problems , but now when i want to configure my BungeeCord network i went into an issue.

When i try to use a plugin that needs databases (MySql/MariaDB),the plugin does not connect to that specific data base. I will provide some photos.

I hope that you can understant my issue and help me if you can.

The database and the prorts i use(all ports are port-forwarded):

Log errors:

The data i set in the plugin config.yml file:

Your logs state that access is denoed for ‘root’ @ localhost. Please check what username and password your plugin uses.

I would also recommended creating a new database user in your database to handle that connection, and not use the root user: How to Create MariaDB User and Grant Privileges

a database root user has access to ALL databases, functions and has ALL rights to to whatever the user wants. It is recommended adding a user that is limited to only the databases it need, with the appropriate rights. For example: You might not want the plugin to be allowed to create database users?

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Thx for help sir.
Useing the MariaDB database with a created user fixed the problem.