[SOLVED] Add more diskspace?

Hello everybody!

So lately I am having problem which I have tracked back to being that there isn’t enough storage. So I was wondering does anybody know how to add more storage without having to reformat/reinstall everything?

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Some more information of what I am using:
I am using Virtualbox for hosting the mineOS turnkey/WebOS software. Got a 2TB drive but only have 25GB assigned to the virtual machine and want to make that 200GB

Adding more diskspace to a virtualbox VM is as easy as just adjusting the hard drive size. This, however do not mean that the new drive space is automaticually available in MineOS, you’ll have to use a partition manager to set up a new volume and mount it into MineOS. After that you need to either create a direcorty for the data you need more space for and then move that data, and ysmlinking the new direcroty in to the MineOS file structure to be available for the MineOS scripts as it is used to.

I had the same problem, but I went another route. I use Ubuntu server, with a manually installed MineOS layer on top. I needed more space for archives, so I added a windows share with a really large drive:

  1. Create a folder for data on the Virtualbox host, and share it
  2. Install and set up SAMBA and CIFS
  3. add a entry i /etc/fstab to connect to a shared drive/folder
  4. add a symlink to fool the MineOS scripts to write to the shared folder instead of the internal disk of MineOS

More info here:
Use CIFS / SAMBA to mount share in fstab:

Symlinking guide:

Be aware that window file systems (NTFS) do not like file names with ‘:’ in them (like the archive files uses) so you have to modify mineos.js to not use ‘:’ in filenames:

In line 1005:
var filename = 'server-{0}_{1}.tgz'.format(self.server_name, strftime('%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S'));

needs to be:
var filename = 'server-{0}_{1}.tgz'.format(self.server_name, strftime('%Y-%m-%d_%H_%M_%S'));

Same for line1030

Sounds interesting and will look it up when I get home. I also meanwhile have found something on the Internet which might work:

I do have a backup of all important files on my 8TB drive. So might give both a try right?

If you setup the system with LMV, it may be a bit easier. but that would have been done during the initial install.

It works similarly to Windows Volume Manager, but has a steeper learning curve, I think. Then you can use the hypervisor to add another drive and mount that into the LVM.

Also I am seeing 3 partitions in which partition is all the data stored(Minecraft servers)? (I believe it’s sda1 right?)

sda1 only denotes the drive (sda) and partition (1). The linux file structure is governed by the mount points.

One should be mounted as / another should also be swap. The rest would have been setup by the installer (you).

Without seeing the mounted media list, it’s hard to say.

Well I got it visible later discovered thought that I couldn’t do any volume management due to I don’t know what. But I later just installed gparted a ISO partition manager. Which helped me to discover that I needed to make SDA1 bigger. I was 99% sure that this was gonna corrupt my files (but I made backups so I did it anyways) and somehow all files are still intact. Even though I moved a whole partition to the right/end of the disk. At least for now my advices tool for partition management will be gparted found at: